My Latest Obsession: My Fitbit

Before I tell you about my obsession with my Fitbit, I want to give you a little backstory about buying it!


One of my most favorite Christmas traditions while growing up that has continued through the years is spending the day of Christmas Eve with my dad and my brother. The tradition began when we were little kids as a way for my dad to help my mom by getting us out of the house and keeping us entertained while she finished wrapping presents, cooking, and preparing for the festivities of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We don’t head out with a specific agenda, but our day typically consists of trying a new spot in town for breakfast, buying any last minute treats for my mom, and people-watching at it’s finest! (Frantic last minute shoppers rushing  around, buying whatever they can get their hands on is quite entertaining!)

My dad has always let my brother and me pick out one special gift each on our Christmas Eve adventure. It can be something we have had in mind or something we just stumble upon that day. Now that Smylie and I are married, I wasn’t sure what our holiday plans for Christmas Eve would consist of, but when the December weather in Alabama was nice enough for him to play golf, he encouraged me to continue this tradition that I enjoy so much with my Dad and brother!

There have been many years that I had no idea what I was interested in buying or what I would go home with from our Christmas Eve shopping, but this year I had something specific on my mind: a fitness tracker. I know I’m EXTREMELY late to the fitness tracker game, but I chose a Fitbit Charge 2 as my Christmas Eve gift and I am OBSESSED! When I used to hear Fitbit, I would think “number of steps”, but there is SO much more to it! I read A LOT of reviews before taking the plunge and I have been so pleased with my decision. While there is a newer version of this watch available, I chose to go with the Charge 2 based on the amazing reviews. There are “small” and “large” versions based on wrist size. I purchased the small.


I know so many people adore their Apple Watch, but I did not need all of the extra features. The Garmin Vivomove was also in the running, but I chose the Fitbit based on the size, fit, and price.


I love it for so many reasons: it counts my steps, keeps up with my heart rate, tracks my exercise, and the list goes on and on! I am an active person by nature but something about seeing the watch on my wrist or getting a reminder to move is extremely motivating to me and makes me want to be even more active!


There is an app that corresponds with the watch, that allows you to get a visual of how your day is going: Number of steps taken, number of active minutes, sleep activity, etc.!


I can set my exercise shortcuts based on what kind of workouts I’m doing. Whether I’m jumping on my Peloton at home (Spinning), taking a Megaformer class at MPower (Pilates), running on the treadmill, or just doing a regular workout, the Fitbit will track my heartbeat, tell me if I’m in the fat burn or cardio zone, and number of calories burned with the click of a button. Whether your workout of choice is interval training, the elliptical, yoga, hiking, tennis, etc. there’s most likely a shortcut for it!



I love the fact that my Fitbit syncs with my Peloton! Every time I complete a workout on my Peloton bike, it automatically syncs to my Fitbit app!  I also have it linked to the MindBody app, which is what I use to book my pilates classes and other workouts that I try on the road!


I always say “I need to be drinking more water”, and the Fitbit helps me make that goal a reality! I have set a goal to drink a certain number of ounces a day on the Fitbit app and knowing I have a goal to reach keeps me motivated to get those ounces in! There is something so satisfying about finishing a water bottle, entering it into the app, and seeing that I’m that much closer to reaching my daily goal! There is an option to track the food you eat in the app as well.

The Fitbit also tracks my sleep! I like to think I sleep pretty well, and I am loving checking in on the quality of my sleep. The app also teaches about the different sleep cycles and why each is important.

If you choose to have notifications on, you can read text messages and see when you’re receiving a phone call. Exercising is one of the times I like to completely unplug so that is a time when I make sure my notifications are off.


You can switch up your look with new bands! Like with many watches, there are COUNTLESS band options available. Amazon has a ton for great prices! I’m eyeing these and these!

Another feature I really like is that I receive an email when it’s almost time to recharge the battery, which is every 3-4 days. I try to charge mine during times when I know I’m not going to be extremely active for an hour or two, so that I make sure it is charged up when I am ready to exercise!


I look forward to being back walking golf courses soon as I cheer on Smylie. My Fitbit will definitely be on my wrist along the way!

Always Finding Joy,

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