Favorite Finds – 7.23.21

I couldn’t put this book down! This is the third book I’ve read by this author this year and I’ve loved all three! I share all the books I’ve read and loved in my Amazon Storefront!

Malibu Rising

I pulled out my stovetop popcorn maker last night for a movie night with my favorite five year old –  a fun activity for little ones to help with! I buy popcorn kernels from Trader Joe’s and we added M&Ms – the best combo! 

Whirley Pop

Don’t let the green fool ya! This moisturizing lipstick transforms into the prettiest color – I’ve been wearing it all summer long! The mini size is half off right now.

Lipstick Queen

I’ve been looking for a fun gold pair of shoes for some events we have coming up! I just ordered these and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’re “the ones”!

Sam Edelman Jamila Molten Gold

I love an afternoon coffee and a splash of this oat creamer by Nutpods + cinnamon makes it taste like a treat! I found it at Publix.

Nutpods Oat Creamer

Happy Friday!

Always finding joy,



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