What to wear to The Masters

The Masters, one of the most anticipated events of the year, is right around the corner!! Azaleas in full bloom, pimento cheese sandwiches, and the gorgeous golf course at Augusta National, The Masters is truly a tradition unlike any other. This spectacular sporting event cultivates everything that is southern.


People often ask me what to wear to golf tournaments or what is appropriate golf attire. The Masters is an extra special occasion, and I believe the attire should be dialed up a notch with extra class and southern flair! When I think of the Masters, I think bright colors and patterns! Dresses, blouses with dressy shorts or white jeans, and rompers are all perfect options for Masters attire. I have rounded up a few outfits and accessories for inspiration that I believe would be perfectly suited for a day among the azaleas at Augusta National! I have also included some pictures from the 2016 Masters!

The Masters

Coral Dress//Matte Tortoise Sunglasses//Blue Off-The-Shoulder Romper//White Eyelet Top//Colorful Sandals//Orange Top//White Eyelet Sundress//Gold Slip On Sneakers//Green Patterned Shorts//Gold Sunglasses//White Jeans//White and Gold Sneakers//Yellow Dress//Camel Sandals//Oyster + Black Sunglasses//Pink Patterned Shorts//Blue and White Top//White Leather Sneakers




Comfortable shoes are key and I cannot stress this enough! (You can thank me later!) Augusta National is absolutely gorgeous and I want to encourage you to see as much of it as you can; however, it is quite hilly and not the easiest golf course to walk. Thankfully, sneakers are very much in style and there are so many great ways to achieve cute AND comfy! When I first started walking golf courses, I would always wear sandals that provided no support, but they sure did look cute! My feet hated me for it, but now there are plenty of cute and comfortable sandal options, especially if you will only be attending one day! I think this goes without saying, but do not wear heels! You will look silly and your feet will hurt oh so badly!

A few tips:

-Wear sunscreen!

-Bags or Purses larger than 10″W x 10″H x 12″D are not allowed! Measure your bag before you go to avoid any trouble once you arrive!

-Leave your cell phone in the car! They are not allowed on the property. It is the most freeing thing ever, just don’t lose the people you came with! Be sure to establish a meeting point!

-Cameras are only allowed on practice round days (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday)!

-Try the Pimento Cheese Sandwich and the Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwich! It will be delicious and the least expensive lunch you have had in a really long time!


I hope you find these tips helpful and that you enjoy every minute at The Masters!

Always finding joy,


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