What to wear to a Golf Tournament

I spend a lot of time on the golf course as a spectator and this post was inspired by many, many friends asking me: “What should I wear to a golf tournament?” I even had one friend say, “I dressed so poorly for my first golf tournament; I wore jeans and the most uncomfortable shoes!” I want to offer some advice so that hopefully, that won’t happen to you and you will be able to look great and feel great in your choices!


Sleeveless tops with shorts and casual dresses or rompers are typical outfits for golf tournaments during the seasons of warm weather.  I choose my outfits based on comfort and what is coolest since sun exposure on a golf course is pretty much a given and temperatures can get really warm over the course of a round. I have gathered up some golf tournament outfit ideas, including a few things I have worn on the golf course myself!


I have previously written about what to wear at The Masters, where the attire is a bit dressier than a typical golf tournament. You can read that post here.

 The biggest and most important advice I can give you is to wear comfortable, supportive shoes! A golf tournament is not the time to break in your cute, new sandals and it is definitely not the time to wear wedges! There is a lot of walking on uneven terrain at a golf tournament so wear shoes that have been broken in and are suitable for walking! I recommend wearing sneakers! Currently, there are so many great looking sneakers on the market that are comfortable with great support! In my opinion, sneakers are the best option!  If you have a pair of sandals you have worn for awhile and know they won’t give you blisters, then wear them!

Blue Slip-On Sneaker // White & Gold Sneaker // Neutral Slip-On Sneaker // Off-White Sneaker // Lace-Up Sandal // Running Shoe // Gladiator Sandal

Helpful Tips

Purse/Bag Size

-Purses or bags may not be larger than 6x6x6.

-Clear plastic, vinyl or other carry items larger than 12 x 6 x 12 are not permitted.

-The rest of the prohibited and permitted items can be found here.

What to wear to a golf tournament


-Apply plenty of sunscreen before you hit the course! I encourage you to take some with you to reapply, as well. You’ll be thankful you did when you prevent a sunburn! I just purchased the Safe Sun on the Fly kit from Sephora that includes five SPF products small enough to throw in your purse or even in your pocket! I always have sunscreen with me on the course!

Safe Sun On the FlySnacks

-There are plenty of vendors available at tournaments to purchase food, but I choose to bring my own snacks! I’m a fan of bars, nuts, and nut butter packets that provide healthy nutrients for refueling! You can find some of my favorites in the Snack Spotlight section of my blog! At the tournaments’ discretion, you can often bring food in a clear plastic bag not to exceed the size of a one gallon clear resealable plastic bag. Be sure to check specifics for each particular tournament.

It is my hope that these tips will help you feel comfortable and prepared when you attend a golf tournament!

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