Carry-On Essentials

I have been searching for a new carry-on for a few months now! My last few carry-on bags have been totes, but I am a threat to overpack and they are now busting at the seams and my right shoulder doesn’t like me for it! I decided a backpack may be my best bet to distribute the weight evenly. I recently bought this Kate Spade backpack and I cannot wait to use it! I do have a roller carry-on suitcase that I use when I am on the road for multiple weeks at a time and a 50-pound weight limit just isn’t enough! I have put together a list of the things that are always included in my carry-on!


To Entertain:

I have to admit, I can nap just about anywhere, but especially on planes, so I don’t need much to entertain me during flights! However, I always come prepared as travel days can easily become longer than anticipated!

Headphones– This is one item I cannot travel without! On the plane I listen to music, watch TV shows and as of late, I have been listening to podcasts! Up & Vanished anyone?! I am hooked! Noise-cancelling headphones can be most beneficial in case you find yourself seated next to a snoring person or a crying baby! I also can’t live without my headphones during my workouts on the road.

External Battery– I always have one charged up and ready in case my phone battery gets low on the plane or in the airport and all of the plugs are taken (has happened to me too many times lately!). I have had great luck with the Portable Power Pack by GoPro! It holds not one, but two full charges!

Book– A must have-I love to read! I’m always looking for a new, great read so let me know if you have any recommendations!

To Fuel:

Is it easy and convenient to walk into an airport store and grab a few (most likely unhealthy) snacks? Yes! Will you feel better if you plan ahead and pack your own snacks to fuel your body with better-for-you snacks? Absolutely!

I always have RX Bars, Wild Friends Nut Butter single-serve packets, GoMacro Bars, and nuts on hand! Your body will thank you for traveling prepared!

To Refresh:

Travel days can be long and leave you feeling ready to hit the shower! The following products are perfect for refreshing while on the go!

Hand Sanitizer- Airports are full of germs so I am constantly pulling out my hand sanitizer! My favorite is E0 Lavender Hand Sanitizer Spray and I buy it at Whole Foods!

Essential Oil Towelettes- I use Herban Essentials Towelettes to re-energize and refresh! They are individually wrapped for single-use, and they smell amazing!

Breath Mints- I love these mints. They are sugar-free and I buy them at Trader Joe’s!

doTerra On Guard Beadlets These beadlets are great for an immunity boost! They can be taken when you feel a sore throat coming on, used as a breath mint, or even used to replace hand sanitizer!

To Hydrate:

Flying can easily cause dehydration, but there are simple ways to prevent it!

Water Bottle– Travel with your own re-fillable water bottle! Many airports now offer filtered water stations, plus water fountains. My Swell Bottle is a necessity when traveling.

Lip Balm– Bring some lip balm along to keep your lips smooth and moisturized! I have been using Sugar Lip Treatment for years, and the Rose color is my favorite! It is moisturizing and adds a subtle pop of color!

Hand Cream- Don’t forget about your skin! Frequent flying plus the use of hand sanitizer can cause your skin to become very dry, which is why I keep L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream with me! It is super moisturizing without being greasy!

I hope you find this packing list helpful! Happy and safe travels!

Always finding joy,


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