Favorite Finds – 1.15.21


If you have a pet that sheds, this FURemover broom is a must-have! I was influenced by @erikampowell to make this purchase – best $13 I’ve spent in awhile!


I just finished this book and wow, I was shocked at the ending! There are so many twists – a page-turner for sure! 

I purchased a set of these eyeshadow sticks last year and just reordered my favorite shade – Intense Moonlight! They are so easy to apply and come in so many pretty shades! 

As much as I roast vegetables/make sheet pan dinners, I love these parchment paper sheets! They are the perfect size every time and make clean-up easy too! 

This 1 liter bottle by Healthish is helping me reach my water drinking goals – it’s like a game to me to hydrate each hour! Refill the bottle in the middle of the day – afternoon to evening times are on the other side of the bottle. Find a similar bottle on Amazon here

Birmingham Friends: this one is for you! Did you know you can now buy the famous “Breakup Cookie” DOUGH?! Sold by the dozen, they are frozen and ready to bake! Order via DM on their Instagram! I use the parchment paper sheets mentioned above for baking too!


Happy Friday!

Always finding joy,


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