Peloton – Why I love it and the classes that are my favorites

January has been a month spent on goals for the new year and Peloton rides are definitely helping me achieve the fitness goals I have set for myself!

Because Smylie knew how much I enjoyed using a Peloton bike, he surprised me with one a few Christmases ago! I still can’t believe he was able to pull off such an amazing surprise! We both LOVE it and we appreciate it now more than ever after being home during quarantine. Over the past few months, several of our friends have either purchased the bike or started using the Peloton app and we have had so much fun talking about our favorite instructors and class types!

Peloton Bike

I fell in love with Peloton after using the bike in several places that we traveled and even had the opportunity to take a class at the original Peloton studio in New York City in 2017! I took a class from Hannah Marie Corbin!

When I asked Smylie what he likes most about the Peloton, he said he loves that there’s a perfect workout for whatever your body needs – whether it’s an extremely tough HIIT ride or just a 15 minute recovery ride! He also really enjoys the competition aspect!

This post is longggg overdue and I thought I’d share a few of my favorite rides and/or instructors, which depends on the mood I’m in and how my body is feeling!

If I want to get my a$$ kicked, I take Robin Arzón’s tabata classes – so tough, yet so rewarding! My personal records typically come from these rides

If I want to get off the bike with a smile on my face, I really enjoy Ally Love’s Sundays with Love rides!

If I’m doing a Madeline Moves Workout (the strength training app I love!) that includes Low-Intensity Steady State (LISS) cardio as part of the workout, I opt for a Low Impact or Feel Good ride on the Peloton.

A few favorite rides that really boost my mood:  

Ally Love’s Beyoncé Ride 

Robin Arzón’s Lizzo Ride

Robin Arzón’s The Greatest Showman Ride

Robin Arzón’s Hamilton Ride

One of my favorite things about having the bike is that if I’m short on time, I can run upstairs and get an awesome workout in in just 20-30 minutes without having to leave my house!

Tip: The leaderboard can be intimidating! I like to filter the leaderboard by age group and gender, so that I am competing against women my age! 

No bike? No problem! Peloton offers so much more than just cycling – Strength, Yoga, Running, Stretching and more! I really take advantage of the app when we are traveling. You can try the app for free for two months by clicking here!

I’m sure it’s pretty obvious by now, but Robin and Ally are definitely my go-to instructors! If you use the Peloton bike or app, I’d love to hear your favorite instructors and rides!

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