Rent The Runway – What I’ve Learned After 6+ Months of Membership + Helpful Tips & a Discount Code

After looking at our calendar and realizing it was full of countless weddings, rehearsal dinners, wedding parties, baby showers, etc., I decided it was time to try the Rent The Runway membership. After 6+ months of membership, I could not be happier with my decision to give it a try!

Shoshanna Catalaya Sequin Dress

    I weighed the different membership options and ultimately chose the 8-piece per month plan because it gives you full closet access (aka no limitations on what items you can rent). 

I’ve rented for events, date nights, vacation, and for everyday wear. 

A.L.C Elle Dress

Let’s Talk Membership

Rent The Runway Membership Chart

4-Item: $89 per month – basic closet access (items with a retail value of $350 or less) 

8-Item: $135 per month / $81 per month for first two months with my code – Full Closet Access  

16-Item: $199 per month / $119 per month for first two months with my code – Full Closet Access

Sandro Audrey Dress

  • 4 pieces at a time for all memberships – the number of swaps depends on what plan you choose! I currently have the 8 piece membership, 4 items at a time and one swap during the month. 

  • A “free-fit do over” is available in the first two months as you figure out sizing. If you receive an item in the first two months of membership that you don’t love or that doesn’t fit right, you can swap that item for something else! 

  • Your membership will renew on whatever day of the month you began your membership – I.e. you begin on January 4, your new swaps will unlock on February 4.

  • Memberships can be paused or canceled at any time, just be sure to do so before your next bill date. You can also switch between plans based on your needs month to month. 

  • Extra spots/shipments are available at an additional cost.

  • Return to the nearest UPS store or at a RTR drop-off location.


  • “New” clothes every month and a fun way to try styles you might not typically purchase! 

  • I love seeing the value rented each month because it is always FAR more than I would typically spend on clothes each month. In December, Rent The Runway sends a year in a review email and I was blown away at the total retail value I rented in just 6 months! 

RTR 2021 In Review


  • Free, fast shipping and returns – all shipments typically arrive in 2 days or less and include a prepaid shipping label.

  • As soon as you indicate you are returning something, you’re able to pick something new. (There is a deadline for shipping back your items once you decide to return.)  

  • Cleaning is taken care of – when you’re ready to ship items back, simply pack up the items into the reusable garment bag they are shipped in and they’ll take care of the cleaning for you. 

Solace London Printed Marcie Dress

What I’ve Learned

  • Before trying the membership, browse the selections and “heart” as many of your favorites as possible. Not only does that make it easier when you are making selections, but it also populates your page with styles based on others you love.

  • It can be overwhelming at first, so start by filtering with designers that you love/fit you well. 

  • I check the new arrivals weekly, constantly hearting styles I want to rent in the future. I toggle to “All Items in Your Membership” instead of just what’s available now so that I don’t miss any styles when browsing what’s new. 

  • I have found reading reviews EXTREMELY helpful – and it’s a bonus when the reviews have photos! I love seeing how an item looks on someone, especially someone that is similar to my height/size. 

  • If there is a specific item that you have your heart set on, I recommend renting in advance (members receive 25% off the one time rental fee when they reserve in advance) to guarantee availability + receive a free additional size.   

  • In the past, if there is an item that I know I want for a specific occasion and it comes available early in the month, I typically go ahead and rent it so that I have it for that event, even if it means taking up one of my 4 spots. 

  • Have I gotten every item I’ve hoped for every single shipment? Absolutely not! That’s why I favorite as many items as possible to have a plan B, C, etc. I stalk the app (I’m talking check it once every hour) to see which of my favorites become available on the days I plan to swap. 

  • If I have rented a piece that I absolutely love, I may keep it for the whole month (forgoing a 4th new item). For example, I rented a velvet clutch in December that I have carried several times and decided to keep it longer because I have a few more events coming up. I only received 3 new items from my last swap because I kept the clutch as my 4th.

Tanya Taylor Serena Dress

Rented and Loved

The “new” clothes each month (especially for events), the fast shipping and easy returns keep me coming back to Rent the Runway month after month! I love trying things I wouldn’t typically buy, too! 

Rixo Debbie Leather Jacket

Ready to try Rent The Runway?! Use code RTRFRANCIE for 40% off the first two months of an 8 or 16-piece membership! (This makes the 8-piece $81 and the 16-piece $119 for the first two months)

Feel free to reach out with any questions you have. Happy Renting!

Always Finding Joy,


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