Snack Spotlight: Georgia Grinders

I am so excited to share my latest snack find with you! Georgia Grinders nut butter pouches are PERFECT for people on-the-go! They come in creamy almond butter and creamy peanut butter. The best part about them? They are the exact TSA-approved size of 3 ounces AND they’re re-seable! (think baby food pouch but for delicious nut butter!) I’ve had TSA confiscate my nut butter one too many times so these pouches will solve that. Each one is 3 servings and the Almond Butter is Whole30 approved!

My brother is currently backpacking through Europe for the summer and I sent some of these packets with him. He is in Switzerland now and said it was a perfect recharge during 8 hours of mountain biking in the Swiss Alps! The pouches would also be perfect to keep in your desk, in your gym bag, or your bag on the golf course!

In addition to almond butters and peanut butters, Georgia Grinders sell pecan and cashew butters! I had never had pecan butter before, and let me tell you, theirs is decadent!

Birmingham friends, you’re in luck! You can find these nut butter pouches plus some of their other amazing products at Western in Mountain Brook. To find their products in your area click here or place an order online!

What I love most is that the Georgia Grinders products are made with simple, natural ingredients. “From ground to grind,” Georgia Grinders pride themselves on the natural, quality ingredients and on the process they use to make their small batch nut butters. The ingredients in their almond butter are simply almonds and sea salt. I’m proud to say that these nut butters are made in Atlanta, Georgia, just 2 hours from our home in Birmingham!

I highly recommend you give these products a try! They will absolutely be in my carry-on and in my pantry from now on!

Always finding joy,


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